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Sarah Lloyd-Morrison

Yoga - Kirtan - Restorative Yoga - Kirtan & Mantra - Yoga Nidra  My passion is helping you find your true well-being

I follow my path of yoga and meditation back to where I am now, along a ‘Golden Thread’.

I was first introduced to yoga as a child. As an adult, one day I realised I felt most like my ‘real self’ on a yoga mat.

This realisation inspired me to deepen my practice by taking Yoga Teacher training at Ashram Yoga in New Zealand, situated on the beautiful Coromandel.

So, a few weeks after I had made this decision, I found myself there.  I had no idea what depths and summits ‘yoga’ would take me to:  I had no idea how much more it was, than making shapes on a mat.

Every morning we rose before dawn to chant in Sanskrit. Each evening we would take part in a call and response kirtan.   Every other day we took part in a yoga nidra guided meditation.  All yoga practices in its most subtle form, it was like nothing I had experienced before.

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Awakened Rest Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Foundation Level

Do you yearn to dive deep into your true nature? Do you want to explore the power of rest? Are you curious to learn about the ancient practice of yoga nidra, and share it in a modern and accessible way?

Then this Yoga Nidra Teacher training is for you.

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“As a chiropractor I’m always looking at ways to enhance my patients’ health and well-being. Sarah’s class is simply amazing. I try and go every week and when I do my whole week is so much better. I leave feeling uplifted, calm and alive…. Its incredible”


Dr Johnny Phoenix
Chiropractor at Family Chiropractic East Grinstead

Everything is a pointer back to our true nature,

the awarness that we are

Richard Miller


I bring meditation into everything I teach, as it is my belief that even the most energetic yoga asana (movement) practice is a moving meditation.

Restorative Yoga

In a restorative yoga class, we become still by holding floor-based poses and use props so our bodies can feel as supported as possible to allow our minds to relax.

Kirtan & Mantra

Kirtan is often known as the ‘yoga of the heart’.

As we call and respond to simple sanskrit mantras, we bypass the intellect and connect to our heart, our inner stillness and others in the group.

Yoga Nidra

iRest Yoga Nidra is based on the ancient teachings of meditation, an evidence-based, mind-body transformative practice that leads to psychological, physical, and spiritual healing and well-being

Corporate Mindfulness

We create tailored yoga nidra meditation, mindfulness workshops and events that help employees improve emotional wellbeing, boost resiliance and enhance performance.


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