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Awakened Rest

“Awaken to your true nature.

Whisper to your inner knowing.

Illuminate to your connection with life.

Wake up to, and rest in, the liminal space between awake and asleep.

Where the depths of your truth reside.

Awake and rest.

Awakened Rest”


“After being diagnosed with cancer for the second time and with a young family, my stress and anxiety levels were at an all time high. I actively looked for ways I could help myself through this dark period. Sarah and her class proved a haven to help get me through those dark days and beyond when I got better. I never thought I would be able to relax enough to meditate, but Sarah helped to achieve that helping my mind to rest when it was working overtime. I have since encouraged some friends along who have been amazed by the benefits too. I have learned that relaxing the mind is as important as exercising the body and eating healthily. It is easy to dismiss, but important to make time for.” 


Joanne Walker-Smith

“Sarah is a terrific yoga teacher and I love her Bliss class, gentle stretching on the floor to cultivate awareness followed by deep relaxation which is always wonderful and encourages conscious resting and releasing. I am also a big fan of her kirtan sessions, Sarah explains what we are chanting and why, has a strong voice and plays the harmonium and djembe at the same time which always impresses me! Sarah is confident, clear and spiritual in her teaching and we are very fortunate to have her at the Uckfield yoga studio.”


Grace Anand
Owner, Uckfield Yoga Studio

“As a chiropractor I’m always looking at ways to enhance my patients’ health and well-being. Sarah’s class is simply amazing. I try and go every week and when I do my whole week is so much better. I leave feeling uplifted, calm and alive…. Its incredible”


Dr Johnny Phoenix

Chiropractor at Family Chiropractic East Grinstead

“Absolutely love Sarah’s classes – she has the most amazing calming voice. Started going regularly after recommendations from friends and its become a part of my week that I really look forward to. Always feel more balanced afterwards and ready to face the next busy week. Thanks Sarah!”

Gemma Hill

Wake up to, and rest in, the liminal space between awake and asleep.


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