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My passion is helping you find your true well-being.
I’m interested in helping you find the essence of who you are by using subtle yoga practices to integrate your inner and outer worlds.

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The golden thread….

I follow my path of yoga and meditation back to where I am now along a ‘golden thread‘.

I was first introduced to yoga as a child when I joined a relative at her class.  This must have piqued my interest somehow, as I then dipped in and out to a lesser or greater extent over the intervening years as an adult, until one day I realised I felt most like my ‘real self’ on a yoga mat.

This realisation inspired me to deepen my practice by taking a yoga teacher training at Ashram Yoga in New Zealand, situated on the beautiful Coromandel.

So, a few weeks after I had made this decision, I found myself there.  I had no idea what depths and summits ‘yoga’ would take me to:  I had no idea how much more it was than making shapes on a mat.

Every morning we rose before dawn to chant in Sanskrit. Each evening we would take part in a call and response kirtan.   Every other day we took part in a yoga nidra guided meditation.  All yoga practices in its most subtle form. It was like nothing I had experienced before.

I couldn’t fathom why I had travelled so far to do this.  But, as the days went by, the mantras and the teachings did their work, opening me to knowing my true self more and more.

When I returned to the U.K I started to teach as well as continue along the thread of learning.  I was led to my iRest Level One Yoga Nidra training with James Reeves where we were invited to ‘feel, feel, feel, feel, feel….’ and ‘welcome everything in, just as it is’ which was a profound breakthrough for me after a many years in a corporate career which centred around constant positivity and ‘fixing’.

Completing my Level Two and Certification was hugely transformative for me, including the required ten day silent retreat in California with the founder of iRest, Dr Richard Miller and Stephanie Lopez.

I am deeply honoured to share this practice and see the impact it has on the people I teach it to.  I love that it’s language is secular and that it has been designed with the ‘non-yogi’ in mind.

A spiritual pilgrimage to Tamil Nadu, led by Sanskrit and Tantric scholar-practitioner Christopher Hareesh Wallis crystallised the culmination of my yogic studies thus far and brought to life what had been theoretical up until that point.

My kirtan training with Nikki Slade was also transformative  in letting my voice be heard – probably to myself most of all – in a way which is both liberating and joyful.

I have been lucky to have been taught by and continue to learn from my teachers – all of whom are world class but also grounded, straight talking and compassionate.

And now I wish to share these practices and philosophies with you.  Perhaps in a class, at an event or workshop or on retreat or even in your boardroom / place of work.

I look forward to meeting you on this continuing golden thread…

Weekly yoga nidra relax & Corporate yoga nidra sessions available via zoom – contact for more details and to book

“Everything is a pointer back to our true nature, the awareness that we are.”

Richard Miller, PhD

Founder of iRest


What others are saying?

“As a chiropractor I’m always looking at ways to enhance my patients’ health and well-being. Sarah’s class is simply amazing. I try and go every week and when I do my whole week is so much better. I leave feeling uplifted, calm and alive…. Its incredible”

Dr Johnny Phoenix
Chiropractor at Family Chiropractic East Grinstead

“Sarah is a terrific yoga teacher and I love her Bliss class, gentle stretching on the floor to cultivate awareness followed by deep relaxation which is always wonderful and encourages conscious resting and releasing. I am also a big fan of her kirtan sessions, Sarah explains what we are chanting and why, has a strong voice and plays the harmonium and djembe at the same time which always impresses me! Sarah is confident, clear and spiritual in her teaching and we are very fortunate to have her at the Uckfield yoga studio.”

Grace Anand
Owner, Uckfield Yoga Studio


“After being diagnosed with cancer for the second time and with a young family, my stress and anxiety levels were at an all time high. I actively looked for ways I could help myself through this dark period. Sarah and her class proved a haven to help get me through those dark days and beyond when I got better. I never thought I would be able to relax enough to meditate, but Sarah helped to achieve that helping my mind to rest when it was working overtime. I have since encouraged some friends along who have been amazed by the benefits too. I have learned that relaxing the mind is as important as exercising the body and eating healthily. It is easy to dismiss, but important to make time for.” 

Joanne Walker-Smith


“We started “Rest & Restore” Yoga with Sarah because we both needed to de-stress and did not really know how. We find the hour or so each week of Sarah’s well structured session both helps us at the time but also is providing us both with the tools to address and control our stress levels outside of the class in our working and daily lives. We love coming to the session, find Sarah’s instruction gentle and clear and her calm voice guides us into a meditative state with no trouble all”

John and Martha Mayes


“Absolutely love Sarah’s classes – she has the most amazing calming voice. Started going regularly after recommendations from friends and its become a part of my week that I really look forward to. Always feel more balanced afterwards and ready to face the next busy week. Thanks Sarah!” 

Gemma Hill




2016 – 2019 – Completed Certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher Certification

2018 – Completed Nikki Slade’s 200 hour Kirtan Leader Foundation course

2016 – Level 2 iRest Yoga Nidra teacher training with James Reeves

2014 – Level 1 iRest Yoga Nidra teacher training with James Reeves

2014 – Completed Ashram Yoga’s 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
Fully insured with Yoga Alliance


The word ‘meditation’ can conjure up all sorts of images for people and often, people feel under pressure to ‘do it properly’.

I bring meditation into everything I teach, as it is my belief that even the most energetic yoga asana (movement) practice is a moving meditation.

My aim is to make meditation accessible to all and indeed something which after time you choose to do, rather than seeing it as a ‘chore’.

Restorative Yoga 

With stress, constant ‘busy-ness’ and sensory overload at what seems like epidemic levels, many people are in need of ‘permission’ to fully slow down and rest.
In a restorative yoga class, we become still by holding floor-based poses and use props so our bodies can feel as supported as possible to allow our minds to relax. 
Most definitely a yin practice,  my aim is to provide a nourishing safe space to rest and restore your way back to your true self.

Kirtan & Mantra 

Kirtan is often known as the ‘yoga of the heart’.  

As we call and respond to simple sanskrit mantras, we bypass the intellect and connect to our heart, our inner stillness and others in the group.  

It is therefore a form of meditation that anyone can take part in and enjoy its uplifting, joyous and liberating effects.

Yoga Nidra 

 iRest Yoga Nidra is based on the ancient teachings of meditation, an evidence-based, mind-body transformative practice that leads to psychological, physical, and spiritual healing and well-being.

iRest meditation is integrative. It heals the various unresolved issues and traumas that are present inyour body and mind. iRest meditation is restorative. It enables you to recognise your innate peace of mind that is always present amidst all changing circumstances of life.

iRest provides you with tools to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resilience, improve your interpersonal relationships and provide you with greater mastery and control in your life.

Weekly yoga nidra relax sessions via Zoomcontact for more details.

Corporate Mindfulness

We create tailored yoga nidra meditation, mindfulness workshops and events that help employees improve emotional wellbeing, boost resiliance and enhance performance,

I’m offering a NEW ‘Learn to Centre, Rest & Relax’ programme designed to help individuals and team members to maintain their sense of grounding and resilience at this time when many people are working from home and, as offices may be starting to return in bubbles, also a sense of connection.
Here is an overview on what I can offer, but I’m happy to tailormake it to your requirements:
Based on the ancient teachings of meditation, iRest Yoga Nidra® is an evidence-based mind-body transformative practice that leads to psychological, physical, and spiritual healing and well-being. It uses secular language and no experience of yoga or meditation are necessary. I like its straightforward use of language, its inclusiveness and also the fact that it is trauma sensitive and has lots of neuroscience to back it up.
iRest® is integrative, as it heals the various unresolved issues and traumas that may be present in your body and mind. It is also restorative, as it enables you to recognise your innate peace-of-mind that is always present amidst all changing circumstances of life.
It provides you with tools to help: relax deeply release stress increase resiliency improve interpersonal and professional relationships provide you with greater mastery and control in your life I can tailor-make a programme of hour-long weekly sessions (via Zoom) tailored to the needs of your team (time/ date tbc).

Corporate yoga nidra sessions available via zoom – contact for more details and to book

Sarah Lloyd-Morrison

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