Sweet dreams are made of this….My top tips for a good night’s sleep

I’d like to tell you a secret…I feel utterly rubbish without a good night’s sleep.

If I haven’t slept well, then I feel terrible. I’m irritable, I can’t concentrate and it often results in feeling like I have wasted the following day.

But when I’ve had a good night’s sleep, I feel replenished, nourished from the inside and ‘my best self’. I feel like I can take on anything and I feel a sense of balance and ease.

I know that there is so much out there already about limiting all screen time before bed, but I don’t think this is always possible, so I have put together my top tips for a good night’s sleep that doesn’t include switching off your phone or not watching telly…

  1. Have a bath of Epsom Salts. Getting yourself warm (and clean) before bed really helps with the whole ‘winding down before bed’ experience. The magnesium in the salts really help with relaxing aching muscles and are a good way of absorbing this key mineral which so many of us are deficient in. I like these ones which are lavender and lemongrass variety.
  2. More Magnesium. Yes – it really helps to top up with something like this lovely magnesium body butter. Apparently, 80% of us are lacking in this vital mineral which helps with everything from headaches and migraines and improving sleep.
  3. Listen to Something Soothing. I really like to listen to something relaxing before getting my ZZZZZs. I really like the music, soundscapes and stories on Calm App, which allows you to set a timer so that you can drift off to the land of nod.
  4. Heavy going. I’ve recently got myself one of these weighted blankets. Filled with beads and in a brushed teddy material, it weighs you down just enough to help reduce anxiety and help with a feeling of ease which is what we all want to head off to a blissful state of sleep.
  5. Yogic Sleep. I try and follow a guided or self guided yoga nidra, also known as yogic sleep, each day, or at night if I have had a particularly busy day. It really helps me to reconnect with the ground of being which is always there in the background, but can somehow get lost in a day of busyness or stress. Sign up here to get a free relaxing yoga nidra from me, or if you are interested in learning how to script your own yoga nidra then come along to my training in May, June and July, open to all.

Sweet dreams,


Sarah x

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